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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Facing the Abyss

For some reason the first time I faced that empty search text box in the Rhapsody interface, out of all the possibilities I searched for Paul Desmond. And why not? The first song I played a few seconds later?

My Funny Valentine

Is there anybody smoother?

This track is from "The Complete RCA Victor Recordings" box set. 55 tracks total. The jazz box sets have been a real shining point on Rhapsody. The biggest one I've come across so far? The Complete Billie Holiday, weighing in at a fecund 256 tracks. If you've seen bigger, please do note it in the comments.


Blogger Amanda said...

Hiya Shifty! Welcome to the Rhapsody blog community! We're glad to have you.

Thanks for the link, I will be glad to reciprocate.

256 tracks sounds pretty darn big. There might be a box set somewhere poking around that's bigger, but I would doubt it. Nice use of 'fecund' by the way. I am such a word nerd.

4/13/2005 10:06 PM


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