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Friday, April 07, 2006

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

It looks like somebody wants to distract me from all the great albums that have been disappearing from Rhapsody over the last year. This week on the Just Added list were some fan-freakin'-tastic long-missed loud tracks, along with some fine odd hits previously completely absent from Rhapsody.

In Column A we have the DRI album Crossover, with the erstwhile Five Year Plan. And Rembrandt Pussyhorse to help embellish the burgeoning Butthole Surfers offerings in Rhapsody. Then the Melvins output on Boner Records, notably Bullhead and the KISS-style solo releases. I hadn't heard the solo albums before, so it's a treat of a Friday for me.

In column B we have Translator and Lene Lovich in the playlist, but there were also fine albums added from Sleep, Guided By Voices, Luiz Bonfa, and Arthur Lyman. Not to mention the recently-sprouted mountain of Fela Kuti I haven't ventured onto yet.

Happy Friday to one and all.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Five Year Plan - DRI
Two Parter - Butthole Surfers
Skeeter - King Buzzo
If I Had An Exorcism - The Melvins
Bricklebrit - Joe Preston
Everywhere That I'm Not - Translator
Monkey Talk - Lene Lovich


Blogger The Covalent Bond said...

J Shifty

Excellent post! I have been looking for some Lene Lovich, especially "Lucky Number." I swear they used to have a different Lene Lovich album posted before.

4/07/2006 11:32 AM

Blogger drake leLane said...

I was gonna post on the addition of GBV's Propeller, but Rhapsody actually added Vampire On Titus and misnamed it Propeller.

I had a feeling you'd find your way to the Melvins' KISS-style solo releases... good stuff!

And who knows what else was added, as it ran over the allotted 999 that they can show. I don't know if I've ever seen that happen before on one day's additions.

4/07/2006 7:31 PM


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