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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Got My Turkey Pants On Playlist

As we load out to head down Turkey Road for the weekend, here's a little autumnal sampler playlist for the occasion. Cheers, good peoples!

Got My Turkey Pants On Playlist

Give Thanks & Praises - Bob Marley
New England - Tanya Donnelly
Cape Cod Girls - Paul Clayton
Hands On The Wheel - Willie Nelson

P.S.: I almost forgot to point out an interesting Rhapsody note: yesterday was the first time in a year or more that some one or combination of Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, and/or Pink Floyd weren't in that 15 Top Artists list that shows up on the Rhapsody front page. For some reason seeing them up there so regularly has given me some hope for the youth. (Actually it looks like those artists aren't that far from the front even now at #25, #18, and #19 respectively right now).


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