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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Recently Added Wedding Present - Cinerama Playlist

There's been a creeping David Gedge infection spreading in Rhapsody over the last few months. Some time in the fall, the oversized "The Wedding Present: Live 1987" came in, recorded while touring for their debut album George Best. It provides an illuminating contrast between the air in the room for the riled reception in Leicester and the more tentative Munich crowd. Also in the fall came the early singles and BBC sessions compilation Tommy and 1996's Saturnalia.

On the Just Added list this last weekend was the Wedding Present Singles 1995-1997 compilation, harboring this live version of Brassneck, and Volume 2 of the Cinerama John Peel Sessions. I was raised as a Bizarro bandwagon fanboy, so hearing the rest of the spectrum has been quite edifying. Keep them rolling in, please.

Recently Added Wedding Present - Cinerama Playlist - [Rhapsody Online version]

Getting Nowhere Fast (Live Leicester) - The Wedding Present
I'm Not Always So Stupid (Live München) - The Wedding Present
Never Said - The Wedding Present
Brassneck (Live) - The Wedding Present
Heels (Peel Session) - Cinerama
Because I'm Beautiful (Peel Session) - Cinerama
Sly Curl (Peel Session) - Cinerama


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