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Friday, August 29, 2008

Fresh Catch Friday Playlist - Gruesome Tench Edition

I playlisted up only four songs all summer that weren't part of the walk out songs bonanza, so my desk is covered with scraps of paper with scrawl on them like "songs that name-check Reseda", "favorite 'Thank You' at the end of a live track", and "Mike Gordon album actually not that bad". Hopefully I'll get a chance to elaborate on some of these now that the MLB hoopla is complete.

But first, the big Rhapsody addition news from the summer was the latest round of Robyn Hitchcock reissues on Yep Roc. Here there be Egyptians, with "Gotta Let This Hen Out", "Fegmania!", and "Element of Light". Of special note, this time around Rhapsody also gets the full box set "Luminous Groove" that includes those three albums plus a disc of rarities and a disc of live tracks.

But we'll start off with a fine remainder from the recent U2 reissues, from that nebulous lost era between the death of the 45 and the advent of the cassingle.

Have a great Labor Day weekend, folks!

Fresh Catch Friday Playlist - Gruesome Tench Edition [Rhapsody Online Version]

Fresh Catch Friday Playlist - Gruesome Tench Edition [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

Treasure (Whatever Happened To Pete The Chop) - U2
Bass - Robyn Htchcock & The Egyptians
Veins of the Queen - Robyn Htchcock & The Egyptians


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