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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Those who can, rock. Those who can't, blog.

So last week Robert of the Radish sent an email asking for a contribution to a group post about overrated songs. I had nothing, but put together a little something about the Fall that explicitly included the words "tongue" and/or "cheek". All in good fun, right?

The Top 13 Most Overrated Songs post first appeared on Robert's Rhapsody Radish, FIQL, and Blogcritics. The response was overwhelmingly hilarious. The majority of the vitriol was directed at the "asshat" who didn't know that Robbie Krueger (sic) wrote "Light My Fire", not Jim Morrison.

I got off easy, being referred to merely as a "Pavement-loving schmuck". Well, I won't argue with that. The same comment also challenged me to explain "why i should listen to The Smiths." Well, Elizabeth, since you brought it up (and nothing in my post hinted at them), I suspect you've been waiting for decades for an excuse to love the Smiths. I only wish Rhapsody had more to offer you along those lines.

Then somehow the whole thing got greenlighted on FARK, and attracted a mass of comments surpassed in number only by discussion of the bombing in London. Let's just let it be said I haven't laughed this long and hard in quite some time.

In summary, I'll just echo the most astute comment of "trez" who, near the current end of the FARK thread said "this should've been mentioned WAY earlier... overrated doesn't necessarily = bad. overrated usually means 'it's good/okay, but not NEARLY as good as people seem to think it is.' those of you defending the songs on the list are really only proving the list accurate. i shouldn't be as amused by that as i am."

Amen, trez.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unscathed Dude!! I'm doing the chicken dance right now!!haha


7/07/2005 10:20 PM

Anonymous uao said...

This was indeed a hoot. I knew there'd be trouble, but I had no idea Fark would show up en masse.

I was also amazed that on a day of such violence and loss in London, people would be so worked up over "Light My Fire" "Imagine" and "Free Bird"

I suspect we could've picked "We Built This City" and still gotten egged.

One of the all time funniest threads.

By the way, you wouldn't happen to know who wrote "Light My Fire" would you?

7/08/2005 2:19 AM

Blogger Drew said...

Pavement loving shmuck...

7/08/2005 8:23 PM


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