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Friday, July 01, 2005

Boombox Pedestrian

Well, I'm still dealing with some of the musical memories stirred up by the Birth Year playlist challenge a couple weeks ago. Back in junior high I used to wander around town with my trusty boombox, listening to what I considered the finest music of the day.

Listening to music in public was more of a commitment back in those days, at least where weight of the equipment is concerned. That trip to the library, the comic book store, the record store, or a friend's house was always a little louder with fifteen pounds of plastic and D-batteries cradled by your side. I usually went with the "resting face-up on the forearm" hold as opposed to the "up on the shoulder" carry. Just a matter of personal style.

None of these songs are classics, but I was surprised by how good The Hurting sounds even today (given the eventual lengths Tears For Fears went to to obliterate any musical edge they may have once had).

Boombox Pedestrian

Mad World - Tears For Fears
Flesh For Fantasy - Billy Idol
Cache Cache - The Who
Cat People - David Bowie
Big Mess - Devo
Car Jamming - The Clash
Sort Of Homecoming - U2
Neighbours - Rolling Stones

(Image gleaned from the very impressive Boombox Museum at pocketcalculatorshow.com)


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