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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Rebirth of the Ribaldry

It looks like we've been delivering a bit more schmaltz than ribaldry for a while here. Well, here's a playlist of some of the liveliest ribaldry you'll find in these here United States. The Rebirth Brass Band are a loud and lusty New Orleans institution, delivering tuba love for over twenty years at this point. I made it to Jazzfest but once so far, but think I saw three permutations of RBB around town in two and a half long, loud, lovely days. The Rhapvailable Rebirth selection just expanded a little, so it's a fine time to offer up a big ribald sampler.

Rebirth of the Ribaldry

Let's Get It On
Big Fat Woman
Pop That Pussy
Shake Them Titties/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
Just The Two Of Us


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