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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Another Dream Soundtrack

Here's another one you just couldn't make up: in one of my dreams last night I was at a World Series game. The stadium the game was happening in had an extensive honeycomb of bars and restaurants behind the stands.

I walked from our seats into this area, and there in the middle of a bunch of tables where people are eating baseball food and drinking large beers is Paul Heaton wearing a green cardigan and singing "Old Red Eyes Is Back." I found this somewhat anomalous and remarkable and wandered off to find my friends.

Before I could find them I again saw Mister Heaton in another lounge zone, this time singing "The Light Is Always Green." I headed off again to find someone to witness this oddness. This time, I enter a new bar and there he is again, now just standing talking to some people at a table. So, as I walk by I call out "Sheep! Play Sheep!" Mister Heaton turned around, and at first I thought he looked a little angry. But then he smiled, walked over, and offered to buy me a pint.

I have no idea who won that baseball game.

Well, The Light Is Always Green and Sheep are non-Rhapvailable tracks from the Housemartins, so this dream soundtrack will have to settle for the one Beautiful South song.

Old Red Eyes Is Back - The Beautiful South


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