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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Reflecting In The Rain

It's under two months now until Howard Stern will disappear from the regular airwaves. I've probably listened to the show three or four times since wandering into Rhapsody earlier this year, but had it as a valued companion for a few years as a commuter. Nothing spruced up a frigid, dark morning on the highway like Hollyweird Squares or a visit from George Takei.

I've got no profound utterances on the occasion; just feeling a little reflective and pondering how good the show will actually be on heh-eh-eh.

Here's one song that I'll never be able to hear without thinking about Howard for the rest of my mortal life. Truth be told, I think hearing Howard in the back of my mind every time this song plays enhances the experience considerably.

You'll Never Walk Alone - Billy Eckstine


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