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Friday, January 13, 2006

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist - Pedal Steel Edition

Here's something compellingly unique even for an Out To Lunch Friday.

Yesterday I was poking around for the first Masters of Reality record, but had to settle for a later release. This trail of listening led to Ginger Baker's solo output as a jazz drummer. Curiouser and curiouser, the title track to his 1999 release Coward of the County includes a pedal steel guitar well-employed in a jazz song.

This led me to delve into the Rhapsody backwoods for other odd pedal steel outlets. I was thoroughly shocked and delighted to discover classical composer Sasha Matson's Steel Chords/ I-5: Works for Pedal Steel Guitar. Again, it seems like something that just shouldn't be, but it flows through famously. The track below features the pedal steel most prominently, but the whole record is worth exploring.

The last two songs in the playlist are hitchhikers I couldn't deny a ride during the investigations. Happy Friday.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist - Pedal Steel Edition

Mvt. III: Steel Dancers - Sasha Matson
Coward of the County - Ginger Baker
Annihilation of the Spirit - Masters of Reality
The Confessor - Joe Walsh


Blogger drake leLane said...

Enjoying this playlist immensely this lunch hour.

(thumb out lookin' for a ride:)

My favorite odd pedal steel inclusion is in the Paw song "Jessie" from 1993.

Paw were like Southern Rock meets Grunge in a drunken car wreck, and when this song's raw Tad-like verses finally runs headlong into the dreamy pedal steel guitar solo, it's quite a trip.

Too bad the rest of the album had nothing as exciting to offer (says this disappointed purchaser of said album.)

1/13/2006 4:06 PM


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