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Friday, January 27, 2006

Out To Lunch With Donovan Friday Playlist

Winding through Rhapsody yesterday somehow this Eartha Kitt version of Wear Your Love Like Heaven wound up in my Play tab. I swear it's not mine, mom. I'm just holding it for a friend.

Truth be told, I liked it so much I started sniffing out for more oddball Donovan covers. What's most remarkable is that the latter-day Butthole Surfers are vastly out-weirded by Dandy Livingstone, Mel Torme, and Eartha Kitt. Their Hurdy Gurdy Man just isn't out to lunch at all, really.

Of note, Dandy Livingstone was the first one to record Rudy, A Message To You. To wind up I've included my own favorite high-schmaltz Donovan original.

Out To Lunch With Donovan Friday Playlist

Wear Your Love Like Heaven - Eartha Kitt
There Is A Mountain - Dandy Livingstone
Colours - Billy Strange
Sunshine Superman - Mel Torme
Superlungs My Supergirl - Terry Reid
There Is A Mountain - Herbie Mann
Guinevere - Donovan

P.S. Among the many fine additions to Rhapsody over the last couple days, the entirety of Group Sex by the Circle Jerks is up (only four tracks were playable before). Any Friday is ripe for Don't Care and World Up My Ass.


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