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Friday, May 19, 2006

Pioneer Valley Family BBQ Primer Playlist

The Pioneer Valley Family BBQ show descends on Look Park in Northampton, MA tomorrow. Huge thanks to Stuntman Steve for conceiving a daytime, all ages outdoor mix of the finest local rock (Bum Steers, Fancy Trash, Drunk Stuntmen, Stone Coyotes) and BBQ (courtesy of Holy Smokes of Hatfield). More details are up at the Drunk Stuntmen site.

The forecast right now is for 30% chance of precipitation, toward the evening. We'll take it.

And go figure, releases from three of the four bands on the bill have slipped into Rhapsody since I last checked. Here's a primer of a playlist I cobbled together in preparation celebration.

PVFBBQ II Primer Playlist

Downtown - Drunk Stuntmen
Hammer on the Nail - Stone Coyotes
Windows - Fancy Trash
I Want To Rock - Stone Coyotes
Bullet - Drunk Stuntmen
Something Special - Fancy Trash
When Parliament Convenes - Stone Coyotes
Not Important - Fancy Trash
Heidi - Drunk Stuntmen


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