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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Live Phish Sequence Mas Fina

Not too crazy about the recent Live in Brooklyn release, here's what I think is the best live Phish sequence available in Rhapsody (recently re-added after being brutally deleted some time ago).

Second set of the opening show of the last, pseudo-homecoming weekend of a long Fall tour 1998. Band stoked for an outdoor New Year's run in Hawaii (thus the Wipeout and subsequent rampant teases) that would later be kiboshed by permit troubles before becoming a reality. A rare and feisty, if short, drum solo in Wipeout. They're playing loud, slightly messy rock with vintage breakneck segues eventually sublimating into a trio of early classics: Dog Log, Sanity, and Buffalo Bill.

This was also a golden age when Mike's bass was mixed crisply and prominently for all solar plexuses to enjoy and rattle in sympathy with. While never a card-carrying member of People for a Louder Mike, I had no complaints that night.

Did I maybe care a little too much about these things for a time? I freely admit I did, but it was quite a bit of fun along the way.

A Live Phish Sequence Mas Fina

Buried Alive
Chalkdust Torture
Mirror In The Bathroom
Chalkdust Torture
Dog Log
Buffalo Bill

P.S. The Mike's > Hydrogen > Weekapaug sequence that follows this is also supoib, for anyone who cares to get that far.


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