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Friday, July 07, 2006

AWOL Friday Fresh Catch Playlist

I'm doing alot of work on a secondary partition these days, and the copy of Rhapsody over there refuses to synch up with the library from this side. So, I'm relegated to listening to whole albums or radio through the browser player. Such a state isn't quite conducive to regualr bloggerating.

Nevertheless, I have been noting some notable recent additions to the Rhapsody catalog and enjoying some seasonal classics.

Of note, Ovidi Montllor was one of those albums on the Just Added list you give a spin just for the curious name and album cover. He turns out to be a fascinating, if occasionally clunky, legendary proponent of Catalan music fused with a measured dose of arty psychedelia. Certainly worthy of investigation.

Friday Fresh Catch Playlist

Fired! - Evan Lurie
Visc El Que Veig - Ovidi Montllor
San Tropez - Pink Floyd
Grazing In The Grass - The Friends of Distinction
Make It With You - Rahsaan Roland Kirk


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