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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Ray Mason Rhapsody Blossom Playlist

Recently I've noted some of the fine regional rock that's been creeping into Rhapsody over the last month or two.

Well, no one personifies western Massachusetts rock more than Ray Mason. Solo, with his Ray Mason Band, and as a member of the Lonesome Brothers, Ray and his blue-green 1965 Silvertone guitar have been creating pop satisfaction consistently and prolificly for decades.

Here's a sampler of a playlist of my own favorites from the fistful of Ray Mason albums that have made their way into Rhapsody so far.

Ray Mason Rhapsody Blossom Playlist

Honey-Dip Eyes
Got It Right
Sid Fargus
When She Walks By
Sometimes In Love
It Takes A Lifetime

P.S. I just noticed the "Recently played in Rhapsody" link on drake's page yesterday, and promptly became a bit obsessed with the idea. I love this kind of raw satellite feed type of data, and have added my own warrantless wiretap link to the sidebar.

Luckily, with the year-plus of posts here at R&S I think I've firmly established that I've got no embarrassing musical secrets to keep. (When Judy Collins and Neil Diamond show up one someone else's list, though, the NSA may call in the goon squad!)


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