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Monday, January 21, 2008

Old Timey Beer Commercial Monday Playlist

Last week a far-reaching compendium called "Old Time Radio Commercials" came in on the Rhapsody Just Added list. There were plenty of historically valuable tidbits ranging from Ex Lax and Maypo to Lucky Strike cigarettes and Dupont Chemicals, but here are the malted highlights.

First, when I used to haul four dollar crates of Lucky Lager home I had no idea I was part of a proud tradition of cheap inebriates stretching back generations.

Second, an angelic quartet reminds us all:

"Drink to me darling not with thine eyes,
But with Pabst Blue Ribbon beer.
Because if you toast me with Pabst Blue Ribbon,
I'll know that your love's sincere."

Lastly, take a tip from none other than Louis Armstrong, who once said:

"Schaeffer is the one beer to have
when you're having more than one
Schaeffer's pleasure doesn't fade
even when your thirst is done

The most rewarding flavor in this man's world
For people who are having fun
Yes, Schaeffer is the one beer to have
When you're having more than one."

What a wonderful world, indeed.

Old Timey Beer Commercial Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

Lucky Premium Beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer - 2 commercials
Schaeffer Beer feat. Louis Armstrong


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