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Friday, June 27, 2008

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

There was plenty of compelling nonsense and mayhem on the Rhapsody Just Added list this week, suitable for some Friday out to lunch listening.

First, there were a heap of previously unavailable Harry Nilsson albums that came in to Rhapsody, including Pussy Cats, one of the recorded documents of John Lennon's Lost Weekend of 1974. Among the many, many bizarre things about this album, the credits report that both Keith Moon and Ringo Starr played the drums somewhere in there. We here at R&S were a bit into the Walkmen's cover of this whole album not too long ago, so now you can go back to investigate the original without leaving Rhapsody.

In pretty much the same mode, George Jones and Johnny Paycheck got loaded and cut a "rock and roll" album(?!) called Double Trouble in 1980(?!!!).

Finally, our minds will simply implode trying to make sense of the black hole of irony and nihilism that is the Harvard Opportunes' opulent arrangement of one of the most reviled songs ever recorded.

Happy Friday, everybody!

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

Obama Intro - Tony Yayo
All My Life - Harry Nilsson
When You're Ugly Like Us (You Just Naturally Got To Be Cool) - George Jones/Johnny Paycheck
We Built This City - The Harvard Opportunes


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