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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Fresh Catch Playlist Postcard Tuesday

Today a playlist postcard from my favored travels in Rhapsody over the last week. Of all the fine albums from 2006, I'm surprised how often I keep slipping Pussy Cats Starring the Walkmen back into the Play tab. It's been a real creeper weed of a record: a seemingly innocuous idea, but several months later here I am still staring at the wall with a vacant grin nodding my head.

Also, most of my life I've instinctively resisted Steely Dan for whatever good reasons. But, like mustard or a good olive, suddenly I've developed a taste. Here's one track of the explanation that was never force fed to us by radio or juke box over the years.

Fresh Catch Playlist Postcard Tuesday

Don't Forget Me - Harry Nilsson
Loop De Loop - The Walkmen
Your Gold Teeth - Steely Dan
Bell Boy - The Who


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