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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Girls Girls Girls Fresh Catch Playlist

Here's a little Eartha, Peggy, and Tasha for a Wednesday morning. Why bother coming out of hiding with a playlist like this? I admit I'm having trouble forming a lucid response to the things I've been finding in Rhapsody recently. In particular, the invasion of (apparently former) Village Voice rock critic Robert Christgau Consumer Guide commentary has me conflicted in the brain. They may hold some sonic cerebral integrity, but I'm finding them of questionable value in flavoring my Rhapsody listening.

That, and what can you really say about someone who's panned every record I've seen his review for except DeBarge and the Housemartins? Not that I disagree with those two, but lighten up my man! I have no pony in the review race, but hope this guy's content isn't displacing that of the rather helpful Rhapsody editors.

According to his Web site he will allegedly be providing weekly playlists to Rhapsody, so maybe things will make more sense as we see what tablets he carries down the mountain for us to hear and decipher.

Girls Girls Girls Fresh Catch Playlist

Let's Do It - Eartha Kitt
I Enjoy Being A Girl - Peggy Lee
I Love Being A Princess - Backyardigans


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