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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

For All I Care Source Material Playlist

It's no secret I'm slightly fond of The Bad Plus. Their new album was released this week in Europe, where they just started a fall tour. For All I Care features vocalist Wendy Lewis on most of the tracks, all of which are covers. In addition to adding a voice, new elements include a venture into Roger Miller country and music from 20th century composers.

Since this album won't be released in the USA until February 2009, for now we'll have to make do with these samples from 7digital, monitor dimeadozen for any live fall recordings, and offer up this playlist of the source tracks in Rhapsody.

Long Distance Runaround packs the most into the sample snippet for my ears.

For All I Care Source Material Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

For All I Care Source Material Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

Lithium - Nirvana
Comfortably Numb - Pink Floyd
Fem (Etude No. 8) - Fredrik Ullen (Gyorgy Ligeti, comp.)
Radio Cure - Wilco
Long Distance Runaround - Yes
Semi-Simple Variations - Robert Taub (Milton Babbitt, comp.)
How Deep Is Your Love - Bee Gees
Barracuda - Heart
Lock, Stock and Teardrops - Roger Miller
Variation d'Apollon - Berliner Philharmoniker (Igor Stravinski, comp.)
Feeling Yourself Disintegrate - Flaming Lips

Addendum: To see how many "goodies" we can "festoon" this post with for the "special interests", here's a making-of short video (boy, I can't wait for November 5. Almost makes you don the tinfoil hat and wonder if the US release of this album was pushed out a few months to allow us all to potentially approach Barracuda without any confounding associations.)


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