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Friday, February 03, 2006

Out To Lunch Friday

Today out to lunch, we throw a ham hock in your corn flakes. Last week there were some soul and funk gems on the Rhapsody Just Added list that were all new to me. First up, the sole release by Baby Huey, who got too big for this world before this record even came out. Then there were a slew of albums by Leroy Hutson.

Mister Hutson was a prolific soul producer in the 70s, sang lead for the Impressions after the departure of Curtis Mayfield, and released plenty of music in his own name to boot. I haven't sifted through them all yet, but can recommend Blackberry Jam without reserve.

From there, the fresh catch trolling moved on to Johannesburg and fascinating sights beyond.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Mighty Mighty - Baby Huey
Blackberry Jam - Leroy Hutson
Johannesburg - Gil Scott-Heron
Iqbal - Yusef Lateef


Blogger drake leLane said...

Seeing your post inspired to take a stab at profiling Mayfield's Curtom Records (Baby Huey, LeRoy Hutson.)

Mad props given.

2/20/2006 10:10 PM


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