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Friday, July 28, 2006

Yet Another Just Added Rhapsody Mountain

There was yet another overflowing, far-ranging, musically intriguing Just Added list in Rhapsody earlier this week. Hundreds of the albums are odd greatest hits and live recordings (of widely varying sound quality) from the mysterious Swiss entity named Carinco Ag. Also, a whole lot of soul, ska, and dub on the Charly record label.

Here's some early results of my sifting the latest batch. Highlights include a solid Yiddish classic from Connie Francis, a rare tale of hermaphrodite love from Count Lasher, and the Nova Scotia country croon of Hank Snow.

Yet Another Just Added Rhapsody Mountain

Shein Vi De Levone - Connie Francis
Mufridite - Williams and Count Lasher
King Tubby's Rock Steady Dub - Augustus Pablo Meets King Tubby
We Met Down in the Hills of Old Wyoming - Hank Snow


Blogger drake leLane said...

yeah... I've been trying to find out just what the deal is with Carinco Ag and Charly. They seem like international distributers for which Rhapsody found means to fill a lot of wholes in the library.

or something.

It's sure come in handy filling a lot of wholes in some of my piece-meal playlists I have yet to finish.

In fact, I just published a playlist with a Augustus Pablo meets King Tubby track, oddly enough ;)

7/28/2006 1:29 PM


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