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Friday, September 29, 2006

Must Be Friday Playlist

Today just a little end of the week enthusiasm, with an emphasis on appropriate songs from the Rhapsody Just Added list (the first two tracks). Yes, the time has come to drink some beer, rock out, and beat up some hippies.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Must Be Friday Playlist

Drinking Beer - Jimmy Witherspoon
Jamaica Collie - Lone Ranger
Up Against The Wall, Redneck Mother - Jerry Jeff Walker
Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll - Blue Oyster Cult
Over The Mountain - Ozzy Osbourne

Addendum: I finally saw the Minutemen documentary We Jam Econo a couple weeks ago, and have been listening to quite a bit of Blue Oyster Cult since (inspired by an acoustic version of "The Red And The Black" in the extras). One of the other extras from that fine document is perfect for today's theme, and a fine excuse to jump on the youtube-linking bandwagon.

Yes, it's Ronald Reagan vs. the Minutemen in the video for "This Ain't No Picnic"


Blogger drake leLane said...

that's great stuff... I'm always amazed at what you can find on YouTube!

9/30/2006 2:54 PM


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