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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

China Record Corporation Just Added Playlist

Amongst the other gems added to Rhapsody recently was a huge number and variety of records from the China Record Corporation. In addition to dozens of records of opera from all parts of China, there were some real oddball treats like stand-up comedy and children's albums.

A whole series of albums highlight the comedy genre xiangshen, or "comedy crosstalk" (represented here by the track from Bai Quanfu and Chang Baoting). Apparently the tradition of the huckster and the straight man in China goes back almost as far as Chuang Tzu and Confucius.

Lastly in the playlist, a track from another one-of-a-kind album recently added, Mantras for Pregnancy by Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe.

And people wonder why anyone would pay $10 a month for a subscription music service...

China Record Corporation Just Added Playlist

Taking Sleeping Pills - Shi Shengjie
Alphabet Song - Zhao
Rat Drawing A Cat - Zeng Xiaoying
We Are Happily Taking A Shower - Zhan Jia
Unable To Talk Properly - Bai Quanfu and Chang Baoting
Garbha - Dr. Shri Balaji Tambe


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