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Friday, August 25, 2006

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

I spent quite a bit of yesterday soaking up the pioneering bleeps and bloops of the Perrey & Kingsley box set. Today out to lunch, we meet at Winchester Cathedral, then head right back to camp for bug juice with Perrey & Kingsley. Yes, it's another fine instrumental version of "Hello Mother", this time disguised behind the title "Countdown At 6".

In other news, this recently added Paul Desmond album of Simon & Garfunkel songs is well worth grooving out to in its entirety.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Winchester Cathedral - The New Vaudeville Band
Coundown At 6 - Perrey & Kingsley
Sometimes When We Touch - Dan Hill
Remember Walkin' In The Sand - The Shangri-Las
America - Paul Desmond


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