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Friday, April 27, 2007

Irving Fields Friday Playlist

Irving Fields is the wild Doctor Frankenstein who got behind a piano fifty years ago, put a yarmulke on a beatnik's head, and hooked the room up to a lightning rod. The result was the hit sound of Bagels and Bongos. Now 91, Mister Fields is still creating fascinating musical golems. Here's a little Friday playlist sampler suturing together the decades between Bagels and Bongos and the brand new Tzadik release My Yiddishe Mama's Favorites.

Irving Fields Friday Playlist

Rumania, Rumania
Havannah Negila
David's Dance (Reb Duvidel)
Miami Merengue (Rabbi Eile Melech)
Un Az Der Rebbe Zingt/Shashtil
'Yankel' Doodle


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