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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ditty Puppini Rumble Playlist

Yesterday I was checking out an oddball on the New Release list from the Puppini Sisters. Their sound is a relatively benign resurrection of the Andrews Sisters, but this kooky version of the Smiths' Panic cannot be denied.

These Puppinis better watch out, though. With their post-modern retro harmonies they've ventured dangerously into turf currently controlled by the fearsome Ditty Bops (whose Wishful Thinking video is far and away the steamiest Garrison Keillor-approved lesbian snuff film in Rhapsody).

But of course, it turns out none of them have quite the filterless moxie of the originals.

Ditty Puppini Rumble Playlist

Panic - The Puppini Sisters
Aluminum Can - The Ditty Bops
Six Times A Week And Twice On Sunday - The Andrews Sisters
Oh, Johnny! Oh, Johnny! Oh! - The Andrews Sisters

[special thanks to Wally Pfrenzi for foundational inspiration for this playlist]


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