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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Super Banter Thursday Playlist

Today a playlist to highlight a couple stage banter gems from recently-released live albums. First, Patterson Hood turns the tale of his first REM show into an episode darker than anything that ever transpired in the basement of Margo and Harold (a highlight from a decidedly uneven REM tribute show).

Second, Robbie Fulks explores the foibles of identity, inspiration, and Cher from his own recent (decidedly inspired) electric-acoustic double live release. If you're at all inclined, there's plenty more well-employed vocal gymnastics and guitar battle on Revenge!

I probably could have extracted a gem or two from the Guided By Voices Austin City Limits album, but in lieu of doing the work right now, let's just say "Rock and Roll is for the kids!"

Super Banter Thursday Playlist

Second Guessing Intro - Patterson Hood
Second Guessing - Patterson Hood
Fake Jews Everywhere/The Death of Enthusiasm - Robbie Fulks
I Like Being Left Alone - Robbie Fulks
Believe - Robbie Fulks


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