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Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fresh Catch Playlist

Today, not so much Out To Lunch Friday as a down-home fresh catch playlist of lovely poppish bits appropriate for gearing into a thoroughly promising Octoberfest weekend [Hyland Brewery].

Sunshine, friends and family, a bit of rock, pygmy goats, well-crafted beer, the smell of apples in the air, and the not-quite-dead-yet Red Sox for dramatic wallpaper. Them's the fixings for an auspicious October weekend if ever I've seen them. Have a happy one, everybody!

Frisky Fresh Catch Friday Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

I'm Henry the VIII I Am - Herman's Hermits
Til I Kissed You - The Everly Brothers
Think It Over - Buddy Holly
At The Zoo - Simon and Garfunkel
Show Me - Pretenders
We Walk - REM



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