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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lifting the Veil Thursday Playlist

Obviously I was plenty happy for years listening to Rhapsody all day with a set of the cheapest speakers on the shelf at Wal Mart. So my quaint existence has been completely ripped apart by the depth and power of these new speakers. A mote has been removed. A veil lifted. I may have been driven a little insane by what I've heard beyond that veil, but the fact I can still question my sanity must mean all is not lost, right?


And I know I pointed this out a long time ago, but the sequence that starts soon after the two minute mark in Napalm For Breakfast is the reason good speakers and volume knobs were invented.

Lifting the Veil Thursday Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

Lifting the Veil Thursday Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

Flash's Theme - Queen
Napalm For Breakfast - Rhythm Devils
Bat Chain Puller - Captain Beefheart


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