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Friday, November 07, 2008

Schmaltzy Went A-Courtin' Friday Playlist

When Lady Ribaldry and I were courting, we often drove in to work together listening to the morning jazz show on WHRB. And there was one DJ who tended to throw alot of Anthony Braxton into the mix. And one of the things that helped me fall hard for Lady Ribaldry was witnessing her absolute revulsion for Anthony Braxton. We would be gabbing about this or that, and suddenly she would realize there was some kind of squonky nonsense screaming from the car speakers and punch over to Loren and Wally or some such thing. It was adorable, is what it was.

Is that wrong? To love a woman in part for the things that drive her absolutely bugfuck crazy? I sure hope not.

A couple other things in that category are the voices of Doug Martsch and Paul Barman. Who can blame her. And yet, what is that woman thinking?

Here's a track from each of those individuals, to mark our sixth wedding anniversary this weekend.

Of note, this great Anthony Braxton album Beyond Quantum from this year is misfiled in Rhapsody. Figure it out, numbnuts. I'm sure fans of free jazz and classical music make up a microscopic percentage of the subscribership, but these things might get more listens if they were slotted correctly. At least split it from "Milford Graves Anthony Braxton" to two separate artist names...

Schmaltzy Went A-Courtin' Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

Schmaltzy Went A-Courtin' Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

Third Meeting - Anthony Braxton, Milford Graves, William Parker
MTV Get off the Air, Pt. 2 - MC Paul Barman
The Weather - Built To Spill


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