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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Double Bass Drum Love

Silly me. I thought the perfect antidote to an all a cappella playlist would be a celebration of that iron-fisted king of sounds, the double bass drum attack. As it turns out, the research for this playlist was almost as painful as hours of a cappella music.

Sure, Slayer was a given. And Deicide was the first show I saw where we weren't dropped off by someone's parents. Death and Sodom aren't Rhapvailable. Beyond that, so many bands employing the double bass attack were cookie cutter copies of the speed-mosh-speed song structure with vocals by someone's grandfather sitting on the bowl grunting out yesterday's bowl of prunes.

But I persevered, and came out the other side with a short list of golden hits employing the double bass drum attack. Here, presented for your edification, and guaranteed to make your steaming entrails stand up and salute the dark lord, is the...

Double Bass Drum Attack Playlist

Sarcastic Existence - Sepultura
Sickness - Obituary
Lunatic of God's Creation - Deicide
Kraf Dinner - Annihilator
Raining Blood - Slayer
Heavy Metal Drummer - Wilco


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