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Thursday, May 05, 2005

TJ Kirk - If Four Was One Source Playlist

I was so edified and entertained by making last week's TJ Kirk source material playlist, today I've assembled a source playlist for the second record.

The second TJ Kirk album, If Four Was One, was released in 1996. It featured the same interweaving of source tracks the band was founded on, but added some surf and flagrant psychedelia to the mix. It was also light on the Roland Kirk (only two tracks represented).

I was able to find Rhapsody source versions of all the tracks on If Four Was One except "Rockhard In A Funky Place." This song is a little bit of an enigma. My research shows it's actually a Prince song on the Black Album. Oddly, the Black Album does contain a song written with James Brown, but that song is called "2 Nigs United 4 West Compton." This will have to remain a mystery until Rhapsody adds the Black Album or Charlie Hunter shows up on my doorstep with a personal explanation.

TJ Kirk - If Four Was One

Damn Right I'm Somebody - Brown
Get On The Good Foot/Rockhard In A Funky Place - Brown/Brown
Stomping Grounds/Untitled Intstrumental/Green Chimneys - Kirk/Brown/Monk
The Payback/I Mean You - Brown/Monk
Brake's Sake - Monk
Ruby,(It's a Man's, Man's, Man's World) My Dear - Monk/Brown
Meeting At Termini's Corner/I Got A Bag Of My Own/Brilliant Corners - Monk/Brown/Monk
Cross the Track/Thelonious - Brown/Monk
Four In One - Monk


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