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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

My Little Ipecac Dance

There was a portentous event on the Rhapsody Just Added list for me last week:

Melvins/Lustmord - Pigs of the Roman Empire

This 2004 collaboration between one of America's most enduring and original rock bands and an evil ambient overlord is certainly an interesting enough listen. The greater significance of its addition for me, though, is the hope that there will be many more Ipecac records forthcoming on Rhapsody. The current Rhapsody Melvins selection is tasty, but a mere snack. I'd love to see their entire Ipecac catalog go up, along with that of Fantomas.

Hmm, it looks like there are other positive signs. As Covalent Bond pointed out recently, Ipecac recording artists Isis are available on Rhapsody. Looks like there's a Tomahawk album up there, too.

So come on, Rhapsodists. Once you're done adding all these pay-only albums let's get cracking.

Here's a playlist featuring a few superlative tracks from Pigs of the Roman Empire:

My Little Ipecac Dance

Melvins/Lustmord: The Bloated Pope, Toadi Acceleratio, Pink Bat, Safety Third


Blogger The Covalent Bond said...

Hey j shifty,

Thanks for the mention.

5/04/2005 10:10 PM


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