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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Jay Berliner, Guitar: El Fin

Well, we've reached the final installment of this Rhapsody retrospective of the work of guitarist Jay Berliner. I know I mentioned that Jay Berliner's credits on allmusic spread over three long pages. But, as it turns out alot of those albums aren't available on Rhapsody. And, I couldn't pick out his guitar on some of the albums I did find (That, and I got tired of listening to whole Carly Simon and George Benson records trying to pick out the groovy guitar playing). Even a schmaltz-monger such as I can only take so much!

Jay Berliner played on several recordings by the ubiquitous jazz bass don Ron Carter. Mister Carter has quite literally played with every significant jazz musician of the last sixty years, and continues to play and record today.

Today's featured Berliner track is El Ojo De Dios from Carter's 1978 release Songs For You. As the title suggests it's a Spanish-inflected spiritual stroll. Berliner riffs, Carter leads with a gaseous bass melody, and Kenny Barron stabs out a piano sermon. There's also a delightfully anxious bowed bass solo that belies the track's otherwise sedate delivery.

Ron Carter - El Ojo De Dios

Here is a playlist collecting all five tracks from this Jay Berliner guitar Rhapsody retrospective:

Jay Berliner - Guitar

Milt Jackson - For Someone I Love
Deodato - Spirit of Summer
Charles Mingus - Medley: Trio and Group Dancers
Van Morrison - Beside You
Ron Carter - El Ojo De Dios


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