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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Woggles Sampler

Never really part of the Daytona mindset, one of the most memorable spring breaks I had involved soaking up the sun in Dayton, Ohio and Athens, Georgia. Our host in Athens was Senor Devlin, proprietor of the Bizarro Wuxtry comic shop and frequent artist for retro-rock upstarts the Woggles.

Those kids doing belly shots in Cancun don't know what they're missing. Athens left such an impression that my traveling companion Suzie moved down there a few years later, where she commands an unholy interspecies army to this very day.

Well, four Woggles albums just became Rhapvailable, so here's a super-sampler to jump start your day.

Woggles Sampler - playlist in comments


Blogger J Shifty said...

Woggles Sampler Playlist

1. Mella Mella
2. Mule-Lipped
3. Country Squire
4. Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
5. Zombie Stomp
6. Ramadan Romance
7. Used To Be A Lover, But Now I'm A Fighter
8. Do Me Wrong
9. Get Down With It
10. Something To Believe In
11. Dancing Lonely Nights
12. Do Just What I Say
13. Rattle Her Bones
14. Frosty
15. I'm Gonna Make You Mine
16. See The Cheetah (At The Hangout)

7/13/2005 7:57 AM


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