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Friday, September 23, 2005

Out To Lunch Friday

Mmmmm, yes. Another Friday's upon us. Last week I ended up eschewing that tuna melt and a-chewing a dark, moist, delicious pulled pork sandwich from Outlook Farms, the finest (and only?) pig processing establishment I've ever lived within a few miles of. I'm starting out today with an open mind and stomach.

Today's playlist gets going with a few tracks in tribute to the arrival of RJ Burke Da Third, the newest addition to the Radish family. A very wise friend of mine once said "You think having a second kid would be less than twice as much work, but it turns out to be more like the work squared." Welcome Junior, with hearty congratulations and good luck wishes to mom, dad, and big sister.

I listened to a few of the early KISS records yesterday, and alot of the songs are laughably bad after not hearing them for twenty five years. That said, a song that had totally slipped from my memory, Watchin' You, was curiously musically fascinating.

In other news, the song Rhythmorama, though on a Kenny Burrell record, is an aptly named percussion conversation between conga player Candido Camero and drummer Kenny Clarke. Fascinating fact: Mr. Clarke is credited as the jazz drummer who shifted the time-keeping rhythm from the bass drum to the ride cymbal. Until today I just assumed jazz was born that way.

A very happy Friday to one and all.

Out To Lunch Friday

Young 'Til I Die - 7 Seconds
Slip Kid - The Who
Big Sister - Dio
Watchin' You - KISS
Oh Marie - Dean Martin
Up Town Top Ranking - Althea and Donna
Don't Sniff Coke - Pato Banton
Rhythmorama - Kenny Burrell


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