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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Flying South Thursday Playlist

This week my eardrums have been migrating south with the rest of the smarter species.

I heard a snippet of something on the radio over the weekend that put the chorus to 'Take Me Back To Tulsa' in my head. And it's been there on auto-repeat ever since. Inexplicably, the only thing that's knocked it loose is this verse from 'Pick Up The Tempo' by Willie Nelson. It's no literary juggernaut, but it's quietly expanding in my imagination:
"Well I'm wild and I'm mean, I'm creating a scene
And I'm going crazy,

I'm good and I'm bad, and I'm happy and I'm sad
And I'm lazy,

I'm quiet and I'm loud and I'm gathering a crowd
And I like gravy,

I'm about half off the wall, but I learned it all in the Navy."
To round things out, some similar creatures: a live Willie version of Truck Drivin' Man that starts right out with some tasty alternate lyrics, some recently added guit-steel love from Junior Brown and Cajun fiddle love from Dennis McGee, and a very odd bird of a new release: Chris Difford giving an acoustical countrified treatment to selections from the Squeeze catalog (a promising concept that lacks a certain fire in its execution).

Flying South Thursday Playlist

Take Me Back To Tulsa - Hazel and Alice
Truck Drivin' Man - Willie Nelson
Phases and Stages (Theme)/Pick Up The Tempo - Willie Nelson
Another Nail In My Heart - Chris Difford
Hillbilly Hula Gal - Junior Brown
One Step De Mamou - Dennis McGee


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