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Friday, June 15, 2007

Tapped for Father's Day

Just in time for Father's Day, we bring you this Out To Lunch Friday Special Edition. The second father-son release from Eddie Levert, Sr. of the O'Jays and his son, the late Gerald Levert came out this week on Atlantic Records, but I found it wandering loose in the Just Added list, since it's missing some database fields or something.

It's a pretty cheesy, hyper-produced bit of bedroom soul, but this song "Tapped" was written just for Ribaldry & Schmaltz.

Sure, I'm hearing the Leverts, but my mind sees only Dave Chappelle on a ladder holding a bucket of "R Kelly's Doo Doo Butter".

Happy Father's Day, everybody!

Tapped - Gerald Levert and Eddie Levert, Sr.


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