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Friday, March 07, 2008

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist

Today out to lunch, we again emphasize songs with lush, big sound, something that will probably continue for another year or two, unless I go deaf.

First up, we welcome this reissue of the first two Flo & Eddie records to Rhapsody. It's an education for me, and a balm for ears still mourning the loss of the Frank Zappa and the Mothers catalog from Rhapsody so long ago now.

Next, a fine specimen I came across while listening to Jah knows what last week (maybe the new Ray Davies record?). It appears to be a group of guys from Norway performing interpreted versions of Kinks songs, to fine effect.

Then, last year I was gratefully exposed for the first time to the music of Juan Torres Y Su Organo Melodico. I've been slowly working my way through his large and growing catalog in the Rhapsody. Here's the highlight from his album of movie soundtracks: the Godfather.

Happy Friday, kids.

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

Out To Lunch Friday Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

I Been Born Again - Flo & Eddie
En Veldig Respektabel Mann - "Kassa" Olsen
El Padrino - Juan Torres Y Su Organo Melodico


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