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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Lookin' For A Truck Tuesday

I'm currently spending my pre-holiday weeks in a perfect balance of caffeine-fueled productivity and cookie-fueled time squandering.

I've also been working mostly on my partition that isn't conducive to playlist posting. So instead, here's a little Grooveshark widget with a handful of classics I've whined aren't available in Rhapsody over the years. Overall I found that application of limited use, which even this short list exemplifies (inconsistent sound quality, bad track data, nebulous legality, progressively deteriorating UI, etc.) But within those confines (namely these six songs and a little Frank Zappa) it was just what I needed that one day.

P.S. A version of Fish Heads, properly attributed, did come in to Rhapsody this year, but it's some kind of early version or something with a decidedly different approach from this one.


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