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Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Cross Eyed Rambler Manifesto Playlist

Over the last few months I've made many failed attempts at putting together a coherent post about the 2008 Paul Heaton solo album The Cross Eyed Rambler. Now the year is almost gone, and I'm no closer to really making any clear sense of it. But the fact I keep listening to it over and over trying to get to the bottom of things certainly mandates some public recommendation.

First, it rocks. Thoroughly and continuously. Then, it drives a steamroller back and forth across the fine line between razor-sharp satirical insight and curmudgeonly get-off-my-lawn myopia. Between wry, self-deprecating humor and black, bilious rancor.

So basically a thoroughly honest, rich, compelling slab of rock and roll.

Right on.

The Cross Eyed Rambler Manifesto Playlist [Rhapsody Online Version]

The Cross Eyed Rambler Manifesto Playlist [Rhapsody Player Software Version]

The Cross Eyed Rambler
I Do
The Balcony

P.S. On a data sidepoint, this album and artist remain misfiled in Rhapsody. Moving the album from "Classical > 20th21st Century > Electronic" to "Brit Rock" or something (that's where the 2008 Paul Weller album is), and linking the Paul Heaton page to the "Related Projects" sections of the Housemartins and Beautiful South pages would rectify things quite nicely.


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