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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Standing By the By And By

Way to jinx myself. Pretty soon after that last post my Rhapsody life went certified platinum FUBAR. Unable to log in using the application. Able to log in to Rhapsody Online, but with 64, then 128 copies of each of My Playlists. I'm not sure what power of 2 we're up to right now because the My Playlists page times out before telling me.

But you can't just pick up the phone, state those facts, and have things resolve directly and rationally. Somehow I've held on through several hours of interminable scripted technical support insanity, and four days later remain suspended between escalating layers of "help".

Good Times.

Here's a little Rhapsody Online link to mark the occasion.

Flat Out Fucked - Mudhoney

P.S. In directly related news, this month marks the fifth anniversary for Dimeadozen.org, and people are posting some particularly choice shows to mark the occasion. That and archive.org's Robyn Hitchcock holdings are the only things getting me through this week.


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