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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Male Vocal Spectrum Playlist

Here's another fever dream of a playlist. A little Roy G Biv for the ears. A very subjective, likely imperfect, but fun nevertheless, male vocal spectrum playlist.

I was inspired driving around yesterday listening to a 1974 Elvis live recording (Event #8). Right at that point in "Amen" when Elvis says "Go get it, JD" and bass singer JD Sumner reaches right down to the Earth's core for a low note that rattled my windshield. This playlist should answer the question "How do we get to the vocal yang to Mister Sumner's yin?"

Male Vocal Spectrum

(R) Swing Low - JD Sumner & The Stamps Quartet
(O) I Cover The Waterfront - Johnny Hartman
(Y) Let It Be Me - Bob Dylan
(G) Dedicated Follower Of Fashion - The Kinks
(B) Popsicle Toes - Michael Franks
(I) Hewlett's Daughter - Grandaddy
(V) Feel All My Love Inside - Marvin Gaye
(Ultra-Violet) Over The Rainbow - Tiny Tim


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