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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Pork Butt Playlist

In fulfillment of local prophecy, I successfully barbecued a good-sized pork butt on Monday. In other news, a pork butt is actually a cut from the shoulder of a pig.

Last Memorial Day I had my maiden voyage in real charcoal grilling. It didn't go so well. I made hungry friends wait forty minutes past the designated eat time, then served up some slightly raw split chicken breasts. Oh, the shame. I vowed to never repeat that error of salmonellic proportions.

I proceeded to study hard (Alton Brown's "I'm Only Here For The Food" provided invaluable insight into what makes a grill tick) all summer and fall. I instituted a dry rub think tank. Things got better. Over the winter I began to ponder my Memorial Day comeback. The fact I'm not typing this from a hospital bed means my gambit worked. Here's a short but tasty playlist in honor of that noble butt:

Pork Butt Playlist

Pork Chop - Jimmy Smith
Smokin' - Boston
Barbecue Any Old Time - Brownie McGhee

(photo from the California Barbecue Association)


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