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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mumbai Mayhem Friday

A rather rocking oddball album on the Just Released list this week is the teamup between the Kronos Quartet and Asha Bhosle titled "You've Stolen My Heart, Songs From R.D. Burman's Bollywood." Rahul Dev Burman composed over 300 film scores, and really mixed things up stylistically. Asha Bhosle is Mister Burman's wife and sang on quite a few of those 300 soundtracks and many, many more. The Kronos Quartet Web site purports that she very well may be "the most recorded artist in the world."

Hyperbole aside, this album contains interpretations of twelve vintage Burman compositions, and has been sparking fires all week here at R&S Labs:

You've Stolen My Heart

For the curious, I've assembled a playlist of the Rhapvailable R.D. Burman source tracks:

Stolen My Heart Source Tracks

Dum Maro Dum
Rishte Bante Hain
Piya Tu Ab To Aaja
Dhanno Ki Ankhon Mein
Chura Liya Hai Tumne

P.S. What a glorious Friday, indeed. The only Bollywood track I've searched for before was that bombastic rocking song that opens the movie Ghost World. While Rhapsody doesn't have the Ghost World soundtrack, I finally found that song (Jaan Pahechan Ho by Mohammed Rafi) on its original soundtrack. Shake it and smile.


Blogger drake leLane said...

Asha Bhosle is also a semi-subject of Cornershop's "A Brimful of Asha":

There's dancing behind movie scenes / Behind those movie screens - saddi rani.

Saddi rani - "our queen", in Punjabi.

She's the one that keeps the dream alive / From the morning, past the evening, till the end of the light.
Brimful of Asha on the forty-five.

The song references Asha Bhosle but the word "Asha" also means "hope," so it's also about how both movies and music (45 RPM records) can transcend being just art.

She sang on albums, was in movies, dubbed vocals for other stars, and sang background on countless other recordings, so while saying she's the most recorded voice in history has a lot of truth to it.

8/26/2005 1:28 PM

Blogger drake leLane said...

btw - thanks for pointing out the Mohammed Rafi song... I'd been wondering where to find it. Great stuff!

8/26/2005 1:29 PM

Anonymous Bart Mitchum said...

Thanks!! I think Ill return in the near future

12/11/2005 12:04 PM


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