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Monday, September 26, 2005

Joe Jack Talcum On Lead Vocals Playlist

Because I know you were about to ask, here's a playlist of the Rhapvailable Dead Milkmen songs with lead vocals from guitar man Joe Jack Talcum. There are a few later Dead Milkmen albums that aren't in Rhapsody.

This list actually has quite a bit in common with the Keith Richards lead vocals playlist I compiled earlier: both are guitarists, both bands put out a heap of forgettable albums after hitting their peak, and both had more lead vocals on the later records. See how far you can listen into this one!

Mister Talcum currently plays the keyboards for a freewheeling garage outfit called the Low Budgets. Their new album Aim Low, Get High is Rhapvailable and is worth a listen.

Joe Jack Talcum Lead Vocals Playlist

Dean's Dream - Big Lizard In My Backyard
I Hear Your Name - Eat Your Paisley
Watchin' Scotty Die - Bucky Fellini
Rocketship - Bucky Fellini
Punk Rock Girl - Beelzebubba
The Guitar Song - Beelzebubba
Methodist Coloring Book - Metaphysical Graffiti
Dollar Signs In Her Eyes - Metaphysical Graffiti
I Hate You, I Love You - Metaphysical Graffiti
I'm Flying Away - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)
The Man Who Rides The Bus - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)
I Can't Stay Awake - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)
Khrissy - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)
Like To Be Alone - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)
Big Deal - Stoney's Extra Stout (Pig)


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