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Thursday, October 12, 2006

(a) Senile Animal Sampler Playlist

It's no secret that if my first born had been a boy we would have named him Dale Crover Shifty. So you can imagine I had some questions when I read that the Melvins added a second drummer for (a) Senile Animal, released Tuesday to the world and Rhapsody. Does he need the help? Will it sound as superfluous and silly as the second drum set employed by the likes of the Allman Brothers?

After a day soaking the album up I'm happy to report that my worries have been dissolved and washed out my chutes. In addition to the welcome rhythmic dimension added by the drumming of Coady Willis, Jared Warren adds some new vocal layers to the Melvins recipe. Fine stuff. Misters Willis and Warren come together directly from Big Business, and separately indirectly from Karp and the Murder City Devils before that.

I'm off to scare up a recording from the current tour to see how the new bits get applied to older songs.

For today's sampler, a two song sequence from the heart of the matter.

(a) Senile Animal Sampler Playlist

The Hawk
You've Never Been Right


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