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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Superfuzz Wednesday Playlist

We're hitting the road for a long wedding weekend in the Land of Benny Mardones tomorrow, so I've got a heap of work to nail to the proverbial wall today. Once again, let's turn to the righteous fuzz to set the pace.

First, the new Praxis live release Tennessee 2004, a fine recording of the band's set at Bonnaroo that year. It gets a little meandering at times, so here's a distilled sampler. Second, there was both some vintage and late model Monster Magnet added to Rhapsody quite recently, highlighted by their thoroughly auspicious debut, Spine of God.

So while I'm working, the rest of you can turn the speakers to the windows, head for the back yard, and turn the kiddie pool into a gravity bong.

Super Fuzz Wednesday Playlist

Vertebrae - Praxis
Machine Gun - Praxis
Nod Scene - Monster Magnet
Spine of God - Monster Magnet
Into The Night - Benny Mardones

P.S. There was also a new record from Fu Manchu that came into Rhapsody recently, but it didn't really grab me. I'll point it out in context here, though.


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